I’ve been in Budapest so many times that I can’t even remember and still never got to visit the Szechenyi Baths. Why? Because I have an aversion for public pools, where you soak your underwear with hundreds of other people. For some folks this is fun and truth be told it was fun for me too before, Read More

sanctuary of the jewish synagogue in Budapest

You may find this hard to believe, but even that I’ve been in Budapest almost every year for the past 10 years, I still didn’t get to visit all its beautiful sites and landmarks. Part of the reason is that owning an apartment in Budapest makes me feel at home there. And when you feel ‘at home’ in a place you stop, Read More

Ever since I first came to Budapest, my Hungarian friends kept telling me that I should visit Szentendre. But why would I want to spend time away from my beloved Budapest, just to see a small provincial town? The only thing I really knew about Szentendre was that it’s home to some nice small museums and cute souvenir shops,, Read More

       Pest side is the more modern part of Budapest. For many centuries and since Roman times, Pest was an independent city with prosperous merchants, craftsman and traders. While the royal town of Buda served as the residence of the Hungarian rulers, Pest operated as a commercial center. Close ties between the, Read More

       My first contact with Budapest was in 2004 in Buda – the more historical part of the city – where we checked into a bed-and-breakfast, right below the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was night when we arrived, so from the airport we went directly to our hotel. The next morning we I woke, Read More

  Eger Castle       Over the course of history, Hungary had to defend its borders against many enemies so the Hungarians had to build massive castles to protect themselves. Many of these castles have been destroyed in battles or sieges and have never been rebuilt, but some of them are still standing today, as a testimony of the country’s, Read More

         It is for a good reason that Budapest’s markets are so famous. Just stroll into the Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) on any day of the week and you’ll understand why locals and tourists are crowding the building just alike. From the moment you step in, the smell of freshly baked strudels, Read More

       One of the many things that I find so attractive in Budapest is the city’s rich cultural life. When it comes to music, art and culture in Budapest, you can count on finding the best. With more than 40 theaters and concert halls, a prestigious Opera House and over 100 museums, Read More

        Hungary has many interesting destinations, but most tourists never go beyond Budapest. About two hours away from Budapest and an hour away from Eger are the Miscolc-Tapolca Cave Baths. This is an extraordinary miracle of the nature. What makes this place very unique is that it is a thermal bath, Read More